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about us

We are a small family run business based in Southampton, U.K. Our design studio developed through an appreciation of minimalist art. The principle designer learnt his art through stained glass window design and production. Similar design techniques are used to produce these vinyl artworks. Classic Japanese art and modern design also inspire, this is how Opulus offers a new perspective.

Classic Japanese art has a strong influence on many of our pieces. In particular a modern interpretation of the Japanese Rinpa school, which places emphasis on composition and placement.

Our t-shirts are hand printed vinyl onto cotton resulting in an extremely durable and long lasting product. Every item is individually created by hand and checked for quality.

Contact us to leave your thoughts or ask us anything you wish to discuss. We really enjoy reading feedback and will answer your questions the best we can.

We are passionate about producing pure design that combines modern techniques with established classical art methodologies and philosophy.


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Opulus Design

Harcourt Road


SO18 1GP

Image by Quino Al
Image by serjan midili
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